Cervical disc degeneration is a popular disease among working people.

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Cervical spine pillow is the part between the neck bones Consists of a total of 7 pieces called the cervical spine, the first of which is located next to the skull. Work your way down to the seventh piece next to the breastbone.

The cervical disc supports weight and provides flexibility. Helps with the movement of the neck bones Allows us to bend or lift our necks. But when we use it for a long time Or using it incorrectly can cause the cervical disc to deteriorate. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Causes and symptoms of cervical disc degeneration.

It can occur in both accidental and non-accident situations. As for the accidental part, it’s straightforward. There was an injury and lumbar disc There is movement or compression in the neck area, whether it be the spinal cord or nerves. For groups that are not cause by accidents that are frequently found is a group that has risky behavior regarding the use of the neck Using the back muscles in an abnormal way, such as sitting and playing on an iPad for a long time Especially among working people who need to use computers for long periods of time. This group often has problems with neck and shoulder pain, and there will be pain that shoots like an electric shock down the arm, numbness, and some people may be weak. Impair the ability to work.

Guidelines for treating cervical disc degeneration.

Treatment Nowadays, there are modern tools that allow doctors to analyze Easier. And clearer diagnosis Treatment is divide into 3 groups.

  1. Is a group whose symptoms are not very severe. It can be treat without surgery by taking medicine and doing physical therapy.
  2. Is the group who took the medicine and it didn’t get better. No matter what you did, it still wouldn’t get better.

This group will have innovative treatments without surgery. That helps in treatment, such as treatment through heat waves or injecting drugs into the nerves in the neck.