Rove beetles venom fangs invisible danger.

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The deadly venom of insects which is small in size but extremely poisonous Just touch the venom that comes out of the body of this insect. It can cause large blisters. This insect has an official name: Rove beetles

Rove beetles, also known as rove beetles, horn beetles or short-winged beetles, are small insects. Its length is approximately 7-8 millimeters. The body is black with orange segments. The distinctive feature of this insect is that when it attaches, it will look like the bottom is bobbing up. Usually found during the rainy season. They enter the light bulbs in the house and fall on the floor. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The cause of the disease

Is from rove beetles that release a toxin called Pederin, which is an acid that causes skin irritation. Causes a burning sensation approximately 8-12 hours after exposure to the venom, which is most often caused by touching, brushing, or crushing the insect. Until causing irritation to the skin.

Symptoms of disease

For patients affected by acid from rove beetles You will feel burning pain, burn marks, and blisters or rashes. that looks like herpes or shingles But it will be found as a long mark. Not in clusters Marks are often found on the outside of clothing. In some people who are allergic to the venom, severe symptoms such as blistering, nausea, and vomiting may occur. or starting to have a fever But it is not life-threatening.

Method of treatment

For treatment Initially, when poisoned by a rove beetle Wash quickly with soap and clean water. Or use saline for cleaning wounds and wash immediately. But if blisters and redness appear, you can apply medicine to treat the redness, which will disappear on its own in about 2-3 days. But if symptoms are severe due to an allergic reaction to the poison, see a doctor immediately. Doctors will use steroid medicine for treatment. As for the dark spots that appear, they will gradually appear. Fades and disappears on its own There is no scar.

How to prevent them

We can prevent rove beetles by closing windows and doors tightly. Because these types of insects like to play with lights at night. And always check the bedding area that there are no insects. Importantly, if you find rove insects, do not touch them by brushing or crushing them. You should use blowing or shaking them off.