Why Does Drinking Whey Protein Cause Acne. What Is The Actual Cause?

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All of our bodies need protein to regenerate. of the body better And for people who like to exercise like me : they need more protein than normal people. There are two main types of protein powder: plant-based protein and whey protein. Whey is a protein made from cow’s milk that is high in protein. and is not suitable for people who eat plant-based or vegan foods.

Protein Is An Important Nutrient For Building Muscles And Repairing Worn Out Areas. Especially Among People Who Do Muscle Training Or Exercise. Even More Protein Is Needed Than Normal People. Relying Only On Protein In Meals May Not Be Enough, So Whey Protein Comes Into Play. And It Is An Option To Increase Protein For People Who Want To Strengthen Their Muscles. But The Problem Is That Many People Drink Whey And Get Acne. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Know First That There Are Many Types Of Whey.

Before Going To The Discussion, Is It True That Whey Causes Acne? We Have To Know First What It Really Is. Whey Protein Is Divided Into 3 Main Types.

• Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) This Is The Standard Whey In The Market. The Price Will Not Be Very High. Because The Protein Purity Is Only 60-80%, Of Course The Things You Will Get As Freebies Are Fat And Lactose Sugar.

• Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) This One Has A Slightly Higher Price Because WPC Has To Go Through Additional Processes. To Extract Fat And Lactose Removed (But There Will Be Some Leftover) Until The Protein Purity Is 90% Or More.

• Hydrolyse (WPH) This Is The Highest Priced Whey On The Market, Produced By Taking WPC Or WPI Through A Hydrolysis Process. From Whey That Has Large Molecules It Is Broken Down Into Peptides For Optimal Absorption By The Body. And Has A Protein Concentration Of 100% Without Fat. And Lactose Sugar Attached.

Hormones, Fats, And Sugars Cause Acne.

You Already Know The Types Of Whey Protein. Now, This Is The Whey That Most People Drink. It Is Concentrate (WPC), Which Is A Standard Whey That Is Not Very Expensive. Most People Who Are Allergic To It Are Not Allergic To Whey Protein. But Some People’s Stomachs Cannot Digest Lactose. This May Cause Diarrhea And Acne. Moreover, This Whey Also Has Fat As An Ingredient. Sometimes There May Be Excess Sebum Clogged In The Pores And Inflammation Resulting In Acne. Another Thing Is Hormones. That When We Drink Whey The Body Will Stimulate The Production Of More Hormones. Now The Skin Will Produce Excess Sebum. And Can Cause Acne As Well.

Hydrolyzed Whey Is The Answer.

If You Want To Eliminate Annoying Problems In Using Whey We Recommend You To Drink WPH Because This Is Considered A Top-Notch Whey. That Has Gone Through The Process Of Digesting Protein Until It Is Small. The Body Absorbs It Easily And Quickly. The Important Thing Is That There Is Very Little Chance. To Be Allergic To This Type Of Whey Protein It’s Called Pure Protein. But If Anyone Still Has Acne From WPH, You May Need To Switch To Using Soy Protein Or Protein From Egg Whites Instead.

People Who Drink Whey May Need To Watch Themselves A Little. If You Have An Allergic Reaction, You May Want To Try Stopping It. Or Change To Use Whey Concentrate Like I Said. Acne Symptoms Should Improve And Eventually Disappear.