Manchester United fans is fed up with “ETH” for daring to tell their fans to support it.

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Manchester United fans on social media have spoken loudly about the confidence and confidence of team manager Erik ten Hag. Who still dared to give an interview saying that. He felt the support from the Red Army football. Even now, netizens are on fire with the TenHagOut campaign hashtag.

United just lost to Crystal Palace 0-4 at Selhurst Park, creating many bad records. Such as being defeated by ‘The Eagles’ at home and away. For the first time in the English Premier League era. They lost 13 matches in the Premier League era and conceded 81 goals in all competitions, the same as the 1977-78 season. UFABET 

Of course, there has been a trend of chasing ‘ETH’ from followers on various online platforms, the odds and second place have bounced. Ten Hag at the pool shop has been willing to lower even though there are only 2 league games left at the end. Or news from news sources that executives are very disappointed in the team’s performance. 

But from the point of view of the 53-year-old coach, he still firmly believes that the real ‘Red Army’ are not the smart people behind the keyboard. Still supporting him and the team. 

He told Sky Sports:

“It is clear and true that this is underperforming,”

“We didn’t express ourselves the way we wanted to. It is far from good enough.” 

“We are very disappointed. But the fans still support us. I will continue to fight like the cheerleaders have shown me. -I am grateful to our football fans who came to London to cheer. They also support the team.” 

“The supporters saw that we had a problem. You must stay in harmony. You must show responsibility. The fans have provided great and important support.” 

At this time, Manchester United goals scored / lost -1. Since the 1989-90 season when they were still Division 1 ( formerly ), the team has not had any season in the league with negative goals – losses before.