Terzic has a hard time answering whether Dortmund can keep Sancho next season.

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Edin Terzic, Borussia Dortmund trainer, doesn’t dare to promise. Whether he will be able to keep Jadon Sancho, the important winger, together or not after the lease-loan contract expires. From Manchester United at the end of this season due to no option to buy out.

United paid €85 million to sign Sancho in the summer of 2021. But he faced a difficult time with the Red Devils, unable to live up to expectations. UFABET  Next, there was a disagreement with team manager Eric Ten Hag. Until he was released to play with Dortmund on a loan contract in January. 

The 24-year-old forward returned to play well and helped Dortmund win the first round of the Champions League semi-finals 1-0 over Paris Saint-Germain. And about to play the appeal match at the Parc des Princes (7 May). 

Asked about the future of the British footballer, Terzic admitted that he is not yet at a point where anything can be confirmed. May have to wait until the end of the season first. 

Opening his mouth through an announcement of his readiness. 

“We talk about the near future first. This Tuesday is a very important game. Perhaps it will be the biggest match of his career.”

“We are very pleased with him. In every sense we are happy to have him on the team. I think you can feel the happiness he has with the club as well.”

“I don’t know how the long-term matter will be resolved. According to the agreement made. He will not be with us from 1 July. But until then there is still time. I want to do something as special as possible.”  

“We feel that Jadon is doing well. The second semi-final game of the Champions League is a big game. That will decide the outcome of the competition with great players. And next Tuesday, he will have the opportunity to decide the game.” 

Asian Handicap Paris Saint – Germain, handicap by 3 and a half goals -5, total score of 3 goals and 3 and a half goals -10